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Supervision, Credit and Learning Division

The Banking Supervision division is responsible for monitoring the financial condition and regulatory compliance of state member banks, bank holding companies and savings and loan holding companies in the Eighth District. These activities promote a safe, efficient and competitive banking system—an important part of a healthy economy.

Business functions include:

  • Safety and soundness supervision
  • Consumer affairs supervision
  • Monitoring and surveillance
  • Applications (bank holding company formations, bank acquisitions, nonbank activities, member bank mergers and dividend payments)
  • Supervisory policy and risk analysis
  • Rapid communications
  • Examiner curriculum program modernization

The St. Louis Fed’s Center for Learning Innovation is responsible for learning-technology consulting, learning asset and solution development, and maintenance of the learning solutions portfolio for the banking supervision, credit, community development and learning innovation departments. Projects are led by project leads/coordinators with teams that include developers, analysts, instructional designers, learning technologists and other roles as needed

Bank examiners have unique opportunities for advancement through a structured series of positions, ranging from assistant examiner to supervisory examiner. Experienced professionals are highly valued recruits in Bank Supervision.

The Bank employs individuals with a wide range of previous work experience, including those who have held roles at other financial institutions or as examiners at other regulatory agencies. Typical positions include:

  • Examiner
  • Financial Analyst
  • Editor
  • Policy Analyst