Advisory Councils

Industry Councils

The St. Louis Fed's four industry councils were created in 2006, and each council represents a specific industry that is critical to the Federal Reserve's Eighth District. The councils are designed to provide a formal, systematic line of communication about economic conditions between St. Louis Fed staff members and industry representatives throughout the District. 

Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council

In 2011, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis established a Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council (CDIAC) comprised of 12 executives of smaller financial institutions across the Eighth District. 

Community Development Advisory Council

The council was created to keep the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President and Community Development staff informed about relevant issues in the District and to suggest ways the Bank might support local development efforts.

Educator Advisory Board

Members help Economic Education staff stay in close contact with best practices and trends in education at the classroom and administration levels.

FRASER Advisory Board

This board of U.S. and international scholars was established in 2021 to advance FRASER's goal of collecting the world's largest, most comprehensive library of finance, banking and economic information. Members provide feedback on FRASER's value proposition, partnerships and growth strategies. They also advocate for and connect FRASER with new audiences/opportunities.

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