President and CEO Jim Bullard

James "Jim" Bullard is the president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. In this role, he oversees the activities of the Eighth Federal Reserve District. He also participates on the Federal Open Market Committee, or FOMC, which sets the direction of U.S. monetary policy.
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St. Louis Fed President Jim Bullard

Latest Remarks and Interviews:

May 11, 2022. Bullard Discusses Inflation and His Views on the Policy Rate with Yahoo Finance
St. Louis Fed President Jim Bullard shared his views on the latest inflation data and Fed action needed to put downward pressure on inflation. During an interview with Yahoo Finance, he also said that the probability of a U.S. recession is not particularly elevated at this time.
May 6, 2022. Presentation. "Is the Fed 'Behind the Curve'? Two Interpretations," How Monetary Policy Got Behind the Curve and How to Get Back, Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
Presentation (PDF) | Press Release.
April 21, 2022. Presentation. “Is the Fed 'Behind the Curve'? Two Interpretations,” Princeton University, Bendheim Center for Finance.
Presentation (PDF).
April 20, 2022. President's Message. "Importance of Studying Innovations in Payment Technologies," Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Annual Report 2021. This article also appeared in the St. Louis Fed On the Economy blog, May 16, 2022.
April 18, 2022. Discussion. "Bullard Discusses Policy Rate, Inflation and Unemployment," Council on Foreign Relations virtual meeting.
April 7, 2022. Presentation. "Is the Fed behind the Curve? Two Interpretations," University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
Presentation (pdf) | Press Release | Video (offsite) | Photos.
March 29, 2022. Article. "Why Removing Monetary Policy Accommodation Is Necessary," Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Regional Economist, March 2022.
March 23, 2022. Remarks. "Bullard Discusses Fed’s Response to Inflation," Asian Investment Conference.
March 22, 2022. Bullard Speaks with Bloomberg about Raising Rates, Balance Sheet Runoff
St. Louis Fed President Jim Bullard talked about the removal of monetary policy accommodation to keep inflation under control and his expectations for the U.S. economy during an interview on Bloomberg Surveillance. The interview was live from the St. Louis Fed’s Economy Museum.
March 18, 2022. President Bullard Explains His Recent FOMC Dissent, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis On the Economy blog.
March 2, 2022. Presentation. "Removing Monetary Policy Accommodation," Greater St. Louis, Inc., St. Louis, Mo.
Presentation (pdf) | Press Release.
February 17, 2022. Bullard Speaks with CNN International about U.S. Monetary Policy
St. Louis Fed President Jim Bullard discussed the high inflation in the U.S. and shared his views on appropriate monetary policy during an interview on CNN International.
February 14, 2022. Bullard Discusses Inflation, Policy Rate with CNBC
St. Louis Fed President Jim Bullard discussed the upside surprise on inflation and his views on raising the target range for the federal funds rate during an interview on CNBC’s Squawk Box.
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