James Bullard, President and CEO

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January 29, 2016. Commentary. "What Does Data Dependence Mean?" Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, The Regional Economist, January 2016.
January 14, 2016. Presentation. "Oil Prices, Inflation and U.S. Monetary Policy." 2016 Regional Economic Briefing and Breakfast, Economic Club of Memphis, Memphis, Tenn.
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December 7, 2015. Presentation. "A Hat Trick for the FOMC." 20th Annual Indiana Economic Outlook Luncheon, Ball State University, Muncie, Ind.
Presentation (pdf) | Press Release.
December 4, 2015. Presentation. "Permazero as a Possible Medium-term Outcome for the U.S. and the G-7." FRB of Philadelphia Policy Forum, The New Normal for the U.S. Economy, Philadelphia, Pa.
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James Bullard

James Bullard
President and Chief Executive Officer

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"Rationally, let it be said in a whisper, experience is certainly worth more than theory."
Amerigo Vespucci

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