Bank Officers

The Bank's president, first vice president and a team of Federal Reserve officers manage the Bank's day-to-day operations. The St. Louis Fed’s Management Committee is the central policymaking body of the Bank and is responsible for setting the direction of the organization. Management Committee members are designated with an asterisk below. Regional executives at the Little Rock, Louisville and Memphis branches oversee the Bank's community outreach activities.

James Bullard photo

James Bullard*
President and CEO
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David A. Sapenaro photo

David A. Sapenaro*
First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
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Karl W. Ashman photo

Karl W. Ashman*
Executive Vice President
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Kathleen O. Paese photo

Kathleen O. Paese*
Executive Vice President
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Julie L. Stackhouse photo

Julie L. Stackhouse*
Executive Vice President
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Christopher J. Waller photo

Christopher J. Waller*
Executive Vice President and Director of Research
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Cletus C. Coughlin photo

Cletus C. Coughlin*
Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff to the President
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Karen L. Branding photo

Karen L. Branding*
Senior Vice President
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Roy Hendin photo

Roy A. Hendin*
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
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Michael D. Renfro photo

Michael D. Renfro
Senior Vice President and General Auditor
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Matthew W. Torbett photo

Matthew W. Torbett
Senior Vice President
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Branch Offices

 Robert A. Hopkins photo

Robert A. Hopkins
Senior Vice President, Little Rock Branch
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Nikki R. Jackson photo

Nikki R. Jackson*
Senior Vice President, Louisville Branch
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Douglas Scarboro photo

Douglas Scarboro
Senior Vice President, Memphis Branch

 * Member of Management Committee

Group Vice Presidents

Jonathan C. Basden

Timothy A. Bosch

Anna M. Helmering Hart

Amy C. Hileman

Michael J. Mueller

James A. Price

Vice Presidents

David Andolfatto

Ravikumar Balasubrahmanian

Cassie R. Blackwell

Adam L. Brown

Timothy C. Brown

Marilyn K. Corona

Kent T. Eckert

Carlos Garriga

Timothy R. Heckler

Debra E. Johnson

Katrina L. Stierholz

Donny J. Trankler

Scott M. Trilling

James L. Warren

David C. Wheelock

Carl D. White

Stephen D. Williamson

Assistant Vice Presidents

Terri A. Aly

Jane A. Batjer

Alexander Baur

Jennifer M. Beatty

Diane E. Berry

Heidi L. Beyer

Sue Black

Ray J. Boshara

Winchell S. Carroll

Christopher D. Chalfant 

Jill Dorries 

William Dupor

William R. Emmons

Kathy A. Freeman

James W. Fuchs

Joseph Gambino

Patricia M. Goessling

Stephen P. Greene

Tamara S. Grimm

Lena Harness

Karen L. Harper

Jennifer Haynes

Kevin L. Henry

Cathryn L. Hohl

Terri L. Kirchhofer

Cathy A. Kusmer

Christopher T. Laughman

Maurice Davis Mahone

Carolann M. Marker

Jackie S. Martin

Michael W. McCracken

Christopher J. Neely

Arthur A. North

Glen M. Owens

Michael T. Owyang

Christopher M. Pfeiffer

Jennifer L. Robinson

Craig E. Schaefer

Abby L. Schafers

Kathy A. Schildknecht

Philip G. Schlueter

Amy B. Simpkins

Scott B. Smith

Yvonne S. Sparks

Kristina L. Stierholz

Rebecca M. Stoltz

Mary C. Suiter

Brenda Torres

Bryan B. Underwood

Yi Wen

Ranada Y. Williams

Dean A. Woolcott

Jeff Wright

Christian M. Zimmermann

Dana J. Zydlo



Robyn A. Arnold

Subhayu Bandyopadhyay

Daniel P. Davis

Kevin L. Kliesen

Alexander Monge-Naranjo

Juan Sanchez

Lili St. Christopher

Guillaume Vandenbroucke