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Bank Officers

The Bank's president, first vice president and a team of Federal Reserve officers manage the Bank's day-to-day operations. The St. Louis Fed’s Management Committee is the central policymaking body of the Bank and is responsible for setting the direction of the organization. Management Committee members are designated with an asterisk below. Regional executives at the Little Rock, Louisville and Memphis branches oversee the Bank's community outreach activities.

  • James Bullard*
    President and CEO
    Bio | Photo | Latest Remarks

  • David A. Sapenaro*
    First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
    Bio | Photo

  • Karl W. Ashman*
    Executive Vice President, Administration and Payments
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  • Kathleen O. Paese*
    Executive Vice President, Treasury Relations and Support Office Product Manager
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  • Julie L. Stackhouse*
    Executive Vice President, Supervision, Credit, Community Development and the Center for Learning Innovation
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  • Christopher J. Waller*
    Executive Vice President and Director of Research
    Bio | Photo

  • Cletus C. Coughlin*
    Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff to the President
    Bio | Photo

  • Karen L. Branding*
    Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
    Bio | Photo

  • Roy A. Hendin*
    Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
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  • Michael D. Renfro
    Senior Vice President and General Auditor
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  • B. Ravikumar
    Senior Vice President

  • Matthew W. Torbett
    Senior Vice President
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Branch Offices

  • Robert A. Hopkins
    Senior Vice President, Little Rock Branch
    Bio | Photo

  • Nikki Jackson

    Nikki R. Jackson*
    Senior Vice President, Louisville Branch
    Bio | Photo

  • Douglas Scarboro
    Senior Vice President, Memphis Branch

 * Member of Management Committee

Group Vice Presidents
  • Jonathan C. Basden
  • Timothy A. Bosch
  • Anna M. Helmering Hart
  • Amy C. Hileman
  • Michael J. Mueller
  • James A. Price
  • David C. Wheelock

Vice Presidents
  • David Andolfatto
  • Cassie R. Blackwell
  • Adam L. Brown
  • Timothy C. Brown
  • Marilyn K. Corona
  • Carlos Garriga
  • Timothy R. Heckler
  • Debra E. Johnson
  • Christopher J. Neely
  • Katrina L. Stierholz
  • Donny J. Trankler
  • Scott M. Trilling
  • James L. Warren
  • Carl D. White

Assistant Vice Presidents
  • Terri A. Aly
  • Robyn A. Arnold
  • Alexander Baur
  • Jennifer M. Beatty
  • Diane E. Berry
  • Heidi L. Beyer
  • Sue Black
  • Severin J. Blenkush II
  • Ray J. Boshara
  • Winchell S. Carroll
  • Christopher D. Chalfant
  • Daniel P. Davis
  • Andrea Donsbach
  • Jill Dorries
  • William Dupor
  • William R. Emmons
  • Kathy A. Freeman
  • James W. Fuchs
  • Joseph Gambino
  • Patricia M. Goessling
  • Stephen P. Greene
  • Tamara S. Grimm
  • Lena Harness
  • Karen L. Harper
  • Jennifer Haynes
  • Kevin L. Henry
  • Cathryn L. Hohl
  • Douglas B. Kerr
  • Terri L. Kirchhofer
  • Cathy A. Kusmer
  • Maurice Davis Mahone
  • Carolann M. Marker
  • Jackie S. Martin
  • Michael W. McCracken
  • Arthur A. North
  • Michael T. Owyang
  • Christopher M. Pfeiffer
  • Jennifer L. Robinson
  • Lili A. Saint Christopher
  • Juan Sanchez
  • Craig E. Schaefer
  • Kathy A. Schildknecht
  • Philip G. Schlueter
  • Amy B. Simpkins
  • Scott B. Smith
  • Yvonne S. Sparks
  • Kristina L. Stierholz
  • Rebecca M. Stoltz
  • Mary C. Suiter
  • Brenda Torres
  • Bryan B. Underwood
  • Yi Wen
  • Ranada Y. Williams
  • Dean A. Woolcott
  • Jeff Wright
  • Christian M. Zimmermann
  • Dana J. Zydlo

  • Subhayu Bandyopadhyay
  • YiLi Chien
  • Nicholas C. Clark
  • Anthony Grantham
  • Kevin L. Kliesen
  • Fernando M. Martin
  • Michael T. Milchanowski
  • Alexander Monge-Naranjo
  • Guillaume Vandenbroucke
  • Jeffrey M. Zove