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Bank Officers

The Bank's president, first vice president and a team of Federal Reserve officers manage the Bank's day-to-day operations. The St. Louis Fed’s Management Committee is the central policymaking body of the Bank and is responsible for setting the direction of the organization.

*Member of Management Committee

  • James Bullard*
    President and CEO
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  • David A. Sapenaro*
    First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
    Bio | Photo

  • Karl W. Ashman*
    Executive Vice President, Administration and Payments
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  • Kathleen O. Paese*
    Executive Vice President, Treasury Relations and Support Office Product Manager
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  • Julie L. Stackhouse*
    Executive Vice President, Supervision, Credit, Community Development and the Center for Learning Innovation
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  • Christopher J. Waller*
    Executive Vice President and Director of Research
    Bio | Photo

  • Cletus C. Coughlin*
    Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff to the President
    Bio | Photo

  • Karen L. Branding*
    Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
    Bio | Photo

  • Roy A. Hendin*
    Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
    Bio | Photo

  • François G. Henriquez II headshot

    François G. Henriquez II
    Senior Vice President, Legal Division
    Bio | Photo

  • David Andolfatto | St. Louis Fed

    David Andolfatto
    Senior Vice President, Research Division

  • B. Ravikumar
    Senior Vice President, Research Division
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  • Michael D. Renfro
    Senior Vice President and General Auditor
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  • Matthew W. Torbett
    Senior Vice President
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Branch Offices

Regional executives at the Little Rock, Louisville and Memphis branches oversee the Bank's community outreach activities.

*Member of Management Committee

  • Robert A. Hopkins
    Senior Vice President, Little Rock Branch
    Bio | Photo

  • Nikki Jackson

    Nikki R. Jackson*
    Senior Vice President, Louisville Branch
    Bio | Photo

  • Douglas Scarboro
    Senior Vice President, Memphis Branch

Group Vice Presidents

  • Jonathan C. Basden
  • Timothy A. Bosch
  • Anna M. Helmering Hart
  • Amy C. Hileman
  • Michael J. Mueller
  • James A. Price
  • David C. Wheelock

Vice Presidents

  • Cassie R. Blackwell
  • Adam L. Brown
  • Timothy C. Brown
  • Marilyn K. Corona
  • Carlos Garriga
  • Jennifer Anne Haynes
  • Timothy R. Heckler
  • Debra E. Johnson
  • Terri L. Kirchhofer
  • Christopher J. Neely
  • Katrina L. Stierholz
  • Donny J. Trankler
  • Scott M. Trilling
  • James L. Warren
  • Carl D. White

Assistant Vice Presidents

  • Terri A. Aly
  • Robyn A. Arnold
  • Alexander Baur
  • Jennifer M. Beatty
  • Diane E. Berry
  • Heidi L. Beyer
  • Sue Black
  • Severin J. Blenkush II
  • Ray J. Boshara
  • Winchell S. Carroll
  • Christopher D. Chalfant
  • Nicholas J. Clark
  • Daniel P. Davis
  • Andrea Donsbach
  • Jill Dorries
  • William Dupor
  • William R. Emmons
  • Kathy A. Freeman
  • James W. Fuchs
  • Joseph Gambino
  • Patricia M. Goessling
  • Anthony Grantham
  • Stephen P. Greene
  • Tamara S. Grimm
  • Lena Harness
  • Karen L. Harper
  • Kevin L. Henry
  • Cathryn L. Hohl
  • Douglas B. Kerr
  • Cathy A. Kusmer
  • Carolann M. Marker
  • Jackie S. Martin
  • Michael W. McCracken
  • Michael T. Milchanowski
  • Arthur A. North
  • Michael T. Owyang
  • Christopher M. Pfeiffer
  • Jennifer L. Robinson
  • Lili A. Saint Christopher
  • Juan Sanchez
  • Craig E. Schaefer
  • Kathy A. Schildknecht
  • Philip G. Schlueter
  • Amy B. Simpkins
  • Scott B. Smith
  • Yvonne S. Sparks
  • Kristina L. Stierholz
  • Rebecca M. Stoltz
  • Mary C. Suiter
  • Brenda Torres
  • Bryan B. Underwood
  • Yi Wen
  • Ranada Y. Williams
  • Jeff Wright
  • Christian M. Zimmermann
  • Dana J. Zydlo
  • Jeffrey M. Zove


  • Subhayu Bandyopadhyay
  • YiLi Chien
  • Kevin L. Kliesen
  • Fernando M. Martin
  • Alexander Monge-Naranjo
  • Guillaume Vandenbroucke