An Innovative Environment to Work

Two men and a women sit and have a conversation.

The St. Louis Fed aspires to be a place where innovation and creativity are second nature to employees. The resiliency of the Bank depends, in part, on the ability of employees to showcase these traits. The Bank encourages the generation of new ideas to improve its products and services and to find more creative ways of doing business.

The Bank fosters this innovative culture through regular employee forums to discuss topics in innovation, as well as in-house expos that showcase ongoing innovative projects. Innovation is also formally recognized at the annual town hall meetings, which feature President’s Award nominations for ideas and products that demonstrate the innovative spirit.

The employees of the St. Louis Fed give back to the communities in which they live through generous donations, hands-on volunteerism and civic leadership. It’s part of the fabric of the Bank, with enthusiastic participation from employees in every department.


Wonder who works at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis? Our employees bring a diverse mix of experiences and viewpoints to the workplace, and jobs here range from bank examiners to graphic designers, ITS professionals to economists.

St. Louis Fed employees create a pride flag in bank plaza

Diversity isn’t just talked about at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; it’s practiced in every area of our organization. We believe that our differences are what make us stronger.

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