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Community Development at the St. Louis Fed

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8th District Map
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The Eighth District includes the state of Arkansas, southern Illinois, southern Indiana, western Kentucky, northern Mississippi, eastern Missouri and western Tennessee.

Staying in touch with the Eighth District is a priority of the Community Development department at the St. Louis Fed. Engagement and collaboration help us better understand the economic conditions throughout the District’s diverse communities. These shared insights often lead to better decisions and solutions that help the economy as a whole perform better.

Community development staff work at the local, regional and national level to promote the economic resilience and mobility of low- and moderate-income (LMI) and underserved individuals and communities. We accomplish our work in many ways, including:

  • Conducting research and identifying emerging issues
  • Developing resources and sharing ideas
  • Fostering collaboration and building partnerships

Community Development Teams

Our community development department is comprised of three teams: Policy & Analysis, Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and the Center for Household Financial Stability.

Policy & Analysis Team — Identifies challenges confronting LMI households and communities, and shares responsive evidence-based solutions with financial institutions, nonprofits, government agencies, public officials, researchers and practitioners. We focus in the areas of community development finance; financial security; neighborhoods and housing; small-business development and entrepreneurship; and workforce development.

Engagement Team — Promotes broad understanding of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA); builds relationships and does outreach to learn about credit, community and economic development needs; offers training for financial institutions, public and private community economic development organizations and policymakers; and supports CRA bank examinations with similar information.

Household Financial Stability Team —The St. Louis Fed’s Center for Household Financial Stability is the specialized research arm of our Community Development department. The team provides timely research and information to academics, policymakers, community development professionals, mainstream media and the general public on the state of U.S. family balance sheets, how they matter for strengthening families and the economy, and new ideas for improving them.

Community Development Advisory Council

Created to keep the St. Louis Fed’s president and community development staff informed about relevant issues in the Eighth District and to suggest ways the Bank might support local development efforts, this Council is comprised of executives from nonprofits, financial institutions, universities, government and foundations throughout the District. View the Community Development Advisory Council.