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Addresses and General Numbers

St. Louis

  • Main phone numbers:
    (toll‑free from an Eighth District state)
  • Inside the Economy® Museum:
  • Postal mailing address (USPS):
    P.O. Box 442
    St. Louis, MO 63166‑0442
  • Shipping address (UPS, FedEx, etc.):
    1421 Dr. Martin Luther King Drive
    St. Louis, MO 63106‑3716
  • Street address (not for mail):
    One Federal Reserve Bank Plaza
    Broadway and Locust Streets
    St. Louis, Mo. 63102

Louisville Branch

  • Main phone numbers:
  • Mailing and street address:
    PNC Tower
    101 S. Fifth St., Suite 1920
    Louisville, KY 40202

Little Rock Branch

  • Main phone numbers:
    1‑800‑482‑9463 (in Arkansas)
    1‑800‑332‑0813 (outside Arkansas)
  • Mailing address:
    P.O. Box 1261
    Little Rock, AR 72203
  • Street address:
    Stephens Building
    111 Center St., Suite 1000
    Little Rock, Ark. 72201

Memphis Branch

  • Main phone numbers:
    1‑800‑552‑5132 (in Tennessee)
    1‑800‑238‑5293 (outside Tennessee)
  • Mailing address:
    P.O. Box 407
    Memphis, TN 38101
  • Street address:
    200 N. Main St.
    Memphis, Tenn. 38103

Bank Holding Company Supervision

Supervision conducts examinations, provides guidance and reviews compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Institutions headquartered in Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee
    Allen North: 314‑444‑8826 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8826
  • Institutions headquartered in Arkansas, Indiana and Kentucky
    Scott Smith: 314‑444‑8836 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8836
  • Regional Banking Organizations
    James Warren: 314‑444‑8854 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8854

Bank and Bank Holding Company Applications

Questions about bank/financial holding company applications may be directed here.

  • David Hubbard: 314‑444‑7303 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑7303

Community Development

Community Development works with lenders, community leaders and resource providers to foster community development and promote fair and equal access to credit.

Visit the Community Development Staff Directory page for staff phone numbers.

Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs conducts examinations of state member banks for compliance with federal consumer credit laws, including HMDA and CRA, and provides information to depository institutions and consumers.

  • Kevin Henry: 314‑444‑8823 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8823
  • Douglas Kerr: 314‑444‑4205 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑4205
  • Tiffany Stecko: 314‑444‑8755 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8755
  • Dan Steiner: 314‑444‑8736 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8736
  • Emily Tiehes: 314‑444‑8917 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8917

Consumer Complaints

The Federal Reserve Consumer Help Center handles consumer complaints against state member banks.

For questions or to file a complaint, call 1‑888‑851‑1920.

Customer Accounts

Customer Accounts handles account confirmations and balances, information on correspondent/respondent relationships, and IAS accounting information and statements.

  • Customer Accounts information: 1‑800‑333‑0869
  • Capital Stock Adjustments: 314‑444‑8365 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8365
  • Billing Statement (availability and frequency, method of transmission, and use of earnings credits):
  • Origin and explanation of charges: 1‑800‑482‑9463, ext. 232

Discount Window/Credit Office

Questions regarding setting up a borrowing relationship, loan requests, payments, or discount collateral pledges or releases may be directed here.

  • Credit Office: 1‑866‑666‑8316

Economic Education

  • Economic Education Programs and Workshops
    Mary Suiter: 314‑444‑4662 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑4662

Visit Education Resources Contacts for phone numbers of education specialists in the Eighth District.


Federal Reserve Membership

Questions about Federal Reserve membership may be directed here.

  • Jim Fuchs: 314‑444‑8837 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8837

Financial Services and Regional Sales

Visit the Fed System's Financial Services website to get contact information for:

  • Access Solutions (assistance with specialized technical support and service setup related to FedLine® Customer Access Solution)
  • Account Executives, District Business Development contacts and Regional Sales
  • Account Services
  • Check Services
  • District Check contacts
  • FedACH® Services
  • FedCash® Services (assistance with FedCash Services, including ordering forms and supplies)
  • Fedwire® Services
  • National Settlement Service
  • Treasury Services (including Savings Bonds, PATAX, Electronic Tax Application, Retail Securities and the TT&L Treasury Support Center)

Inside the Economy® Museum

Visit for more information.

  • 314‑444‑7309

Little Rock Branch

The Little Rock Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis serves the western two‑thirds of Arkansas with initiatives in community affairs, economic education, research and monetary policy.

Visit the Little Rock Branch Contact Us page for staff phone numbers.

Louisville Branch

The Louisville Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis serves southern Indiana and central and western Kentucky with initiatives in community affairs, economic education, research and monetary policy.

Visit the Louisville Branch Contact Us page for staff phone numbers.

Media Inquiries

The Public Affairs department handles all media inquiries for the Eighth Federal Reserve District. Reporters with questions or an interest in speaking with a St. Louis Fed staff member should contact

Memphis Branch

The Memphis Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is responsible for the Bank's operations in western Tennessee, eastern Arkansas and northern Mississippi.

Visit the Memphis Branch Contact Us page for staff phone numbers.

Operating Circulars

Federal Reserve Financial Services are governed by the terms and conditions that are set forth in the operating circulars.

Visit the Federal Reserve financial services website for more information.

Payments System Risk

Payment Risk Management: 1‑866‑666‑8316


The District Procurement department is responsible for acquiring quality goods and services on behalf of the business areas that make up the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Visit the Procurement department page for staff phone numbers.


The Research department includes staff economists who provide research and analyses on monetary policy, banking, macroeconomics, and regional and international issues. It houses Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) and the library.  


The St. Louis Fed’s Reserves Unit assists depository institutions with the reserves requirement, excess balance accounts, interest on reserves, and the Term Deposit Facility.

For information:

  • Reserves Hotline: 314‑444‑3779 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑3779


Congress has assigned to the Board responsibility for implementing the Federal Reserve Act, which established the Federal Reserve System, and certain other laws pertaining to a wide range of banking and financial activities. The Board implements those laws in part through its regulations, which are codified in title 12, chapter II, of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Visit the Board of Governors website for more information.

Speakers Bureau

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis' Public Affairs division coordinates speech requests via the Speakers Bureau.

Karen Casbourne: 314‑444‑7471 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑7471

Statistical Reporting

Statistics processes FR2900, Call Reports, Bank Holding Company Reports and various other financial reports from depository institutions. Additional information can be found online.

  • Call Reports and Bank Holding Company Reports
    Lisa Mantia: 314‑444‑7357 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑47357
  • Deposit Reporting and other statistical reporting
    R.J. Sak: 314‑444‑7388 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑7388
  • Structure Reporting
    Daneé Appel: 314‑444‑8750 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8750

Structure Information

The St. Louis Fed's Structure unit is responsible for structure maintenance for all holding companies, depository institutions and nonbank subsidiaries within the Eighth District.

Send Eighth District Structure Reports to:

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Statistics and Structure
P.O. Box 442
St. Louis, MO 63166

For further information:


  • Fed publications and mailings
    Dawne Luleff: 314‑444‑8341 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8341
  • Email alerts
    Michelle Dailey: 314‑444‑8808 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑8808


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