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  • Cultivating Soft Skills in Workforce Development: Early Childhood Initiatives

    During this Exploring Innovation webinar, participants will hear from leaders in education, academia and business regarding what it means to have a workforce that possesses the soft skills demanded by employers. Speakers will highlight innovative approaches to acquiring and developing these skills and provide insight into what is being done in early childhood to prepare our future workforce.

  • Teaching Economics: A Pre-Service Teacher Workshop

    In the state of Kentucky, 20 percent of the social studies content standards are based on economics. Do you feel ready to teach this content? Do you know the best teaching practices and methods for teaching economics? This workshop for pre-service elementary and secondary school teachers introduces economic concepts and demonstrates how to teach them.
  • Economic Mobility: Research & Ideas on Strengthening Families, Communities & the Economy

    The Federal Reserve System will host its ninth biennial community development research conference in Washington, D.C. This unique event aims to bridge the gaps between research, policy and practice on key issues facing the country. The conference will feature original, high-quality, emerging research from a range of disciplines that can inform and affect how policy is formed and how community practice is carried out.
  • Get Money Smart!

    Credit can be a double-edged sword. The younger and less experienced among us can easily fall into a credit abyss, fraught with triple-digit APRs, late fees, and dunning creditor calls.
  • AP Economics Conference

    Seasoned AP economics instructors, those who are new to teaching AP economics, and those who are simply contemplating teaching an AP economics course are welcome at the AP Economics Conference at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Federal Reserve economists, AP economics exam readers, AP economics instructors, and St. Louis Fed economic education staff will present a program packed with the information you need to be successful in teaching AP economics. Topics for this year's conference include exchange rates, money market, market failure, market structures, and more.