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At the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, one of 12 Reserve banks and the Board of Governors that make up the Federal Reserve System, our work engages the talents of bright, dedicated and driven people. Whatever your role here, you will be playing an important part in fulfilling the responsibilities of the nation's central bank.

Although the St. Louis Fed works closely with banks and the banking system, much of what we do requires professionals with skills that aren't specifically related to banking. IT professionals, instructional technologists, graphic designers, project managers and procurement specialists are as much at home at the St. Louis Fed as bank examiners, economists, auditors, accountants and analysts.

Our organization depends upon the unique talents and skills of every member of our team to keep operations running smoothly.

Need help with your resume? Check out the St. Louis Fed’s resume-writing tips video.

We also have a Spanish language version of the video.