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About the St. Louis Fed's Economic Education Program

The Econ Ed team at the St. Louis Fed is dedicated to providing high-quality resources and professional development to improve instruction in pre-K through college classrooms.

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Why do we have two web addresses?

  • Econ Ed at the St. Louis Fed, at, is the source for active and engaging economics and personal finance lessons, as well as lessons to accompany dozens of popular children’s books. You also can watch our videos, listen to our podcasts, enjoy our interactive online courses, and peruse interesting articles on economics and personal finance. You can use a filter to find resources by grade level, by the type of resource and by topic. We also have resources for parents and scout leaders. Best of all, our resources are free.

  • Econ Lowdown at is our free economic education portal. It gives you—K-12 teachers and college professors—an easy but sophisticated way to integrate cutting-edge and relevant economic and personal finance lessons into your current classwork. Using powerful search tools, you can quickly find online courses, videos, podcasts and readings for your specific grade, subject, and topic of interest. Content can be customized using our interactive syllabus and then assigned to students—all from within the portal.

    In the portal are videos, podcasts, readings, and online courses from the Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, Kansas City, Philadelphia and St. Louis Federal Reserve banks, as well as the Federal Reserve Board and the FINRA Foundation. Each online course includes a pre- and post-test. Each video, podcast and reading includes a post-test. You can upload student scores to your gradebooks.

    You also can access online professional development through the Econ Lowdown portal—earning CPDUs or Federal Reserve credit, or graduate credit through Emporia State University.

Looking for resources to teach economics and personal finance, but can't find what you need? Contact us.