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  • An illustration of a pie chart depicted as a pie filled with coins and money states that the top 10% (12.9 million families) owned 76% of the wealth, while the next 40% (51.5 million families) owned 22% of the wealth. The bottom 50% (64.3 million families) owned just 1% of the wealth, and 13.4 million families in this group had negative net worth.

    The State of U.S. Wealth Inequality

    The State of U.S. Wealth Inequality uses quarterly data based on the average, inflation-adjusted household wealth of various demographic groups in the U.S. to examine racial, generational and educational wealth gaps. The report seeks to quantify the magnitude of U.S. wealth gaps over time, an important step toward understanding why such differences persist.

  • Several paper fact sheets with the title 'Grants in the Gateway,' fanned out.

    Grants in the Gateway: How Is CED Funding Distributed?

    The Grants in the Gateway report aims to help community and economic development (CED) practitioners, researchers and foundations understand the flow of grant-based funding in the St. Louis area. It maps regional dynamics in giving by examining differences between CED nonprofits and grantmakers in size, leadership and proximity.

  • The State of Economic Equity on a U.S. bank note

    The State of Economic Equity

    The State of Economic Equity describes the nation’s current economic outlook using an equity lens. The Institute for Economic Equity produces this work to examine challenges and outcomes for vulnerable groups and communities. We explore major economic trends that are expected to impact families over the near term and discuss ways to bolster economic resiliency.

  • Armed Forces day parade in rural America

    Investing in Rural Prosperity

    Rural communities that support inclusive development and tap into the potential of all their residents will have a competitive advantage in the economy of the future. Investing in Rural Prosperity offers ideas for how rural communities can pursue growth that leads to greater economic opportunity for everyone, as well as highlights from our 2023 conference.

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