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Application Filing Information

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Federal Reserve Membership

Who can be a member of the Federal Reserve System?

Any financially sound, well managed state-chartered bank may become a member of the Federal Reserve System. The 12 regional Reserve banks supervise state member banks as part of the Federal Reserve System's mandate to assure strength and stability in the nation's domestic markets and banking system. Reserve bank supervision is carried out in partnership with the state regulator, assuring a consistent and unified regulatory environment. Regional and community banking organizations constitute the largest number of banking organizations supervised by the Reserve banks.

The Membership Application

The membership process includes the filing of a membership application. However, before the application is submitted, we analyze the bank's condition. To the extent possible, we rely on recent examinations to gain an understanding of the bank and its operations. This review is always supplemented by an on-site visit. Depending on the bank's profile and its examination cycle, our on-site presence may take the form of a targeted or full-scope examination.

Factors Considered in a Membership Application

  • Financial condition, including capital adequacy and future earnings prospects
  • General character of management
  • Record in meeting the convenience and needs of the community
  • Consistency of existing corporate powers with the Federal Reserve Act

Membership requires the purchase of Federal Reserve Bank stock equal to 3 percent of the member bank's capital stock and surplus accounts. This stock earns an annual dividend of 6 percent.

We encourage all banks that are considering membership to contact the Reserve Bank early in their deliberations. In this way, banks can make a more informed decision on the benefits of membership, and any potential hurdles can be identified early in the process.

Application Types

The Application Types link provides a general description of the filing, the publication requirements, the form to be submitted, the processing time frame, and the relevant statutory factors associated with that type of proposal.


Types of filings processed by the Federal Reserve System are provided. Select a filing type to obtain the required form and filing instructions. Also available- special instructions on how to establish a De Novo branch.

The number of copies of an application/notice to be submitted to this Reserve Bank is dependent on the type of application/notice that is filed.


Electronic Application Submission

Banking companies and their representatives can sign up to use E-Apps, a secure method of submitting banking applications to the Federal Reserve System over the Internet. Some of the benefits of E-Apps include:

  • Savings – reduce mailing and copying costs
  • Speed – transmit banking applications and subsequent documents in real time
  • Ease of use – submit documents online directly from your computer
  • Verification – instantly confirm that your application or subsequent documents were submitted

Request Copies

Requests for copies of banking applications should be submitted in writing, via mail or email, to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Please note a fee for copies may be charged. Requests should be forwarded to:

Attention: Holly A. Rieser
P.O. Box 442, St. Louis, MO 63166 0442

Where to Send

Where to Send Applications/Notices or Request Public Information

Questions about bank/financial holding company applications may be directed to:

Holly Rieser: 314‑444‑4713 or 1‑800‑333‑0810, ext. 444‑4713

Public Comments

Parties wanting to comment on banking applications must submit their comments in writing, via mail or email. Comments must be received by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis on or before the last day of the public comment period. Comments should be forwarded to:

Attention: Holly A. Rieser
P.O. Box 442, St. Louis, MO 63166 0442