The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis represents the Eighth Federal Reserve District, which includes all of Arkansas and portions of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi,map of Eighth district Missouri and Tennessee. The St. Louis Fed has four offices:

No matter your preferred location, rest assured that your contributions will make a difference in fostering a sound banking system and a healthy economy.

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Wonder who works at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis? Our employees bring a diverse mix of experiences and viewpoints to the workplace, and jobs here range from bank examiners to graphic designers, ITS professionals to economists.

St. Louis Fed employees create a pride flag in bank plaza

Diversity isn’t just talked about at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis; it’s practiced in every area of our organization. We believe that our differences are what make us stronger.

James Bullard

The president of the St. Louis Fed, Jim Bullard, is a leader in forming the nation’s economic policies, serving on the Federal Open Market Committee and directing all the activities of the Eighth Federal Reserve District.

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