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Meeting with the Public and Taking Discussion beyond Financial Headlines

Dialogue with the FED

Recognizing people's increasing interest in developments in today's economy, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis started a discussion series for the general public in 2011. Titled Dialogue with the Fed: Beyond Today's Financial Headlines, this series focuses on one important topic at a time. Our economists (or other experts at the St. Louis Fed) address the issue of the day, after which the audience has a chance to pose questions and to otherwise comment. Hundreds of people have attended these free sessions, which have been held at the St. Louis Fed's main office, as well as in its branch cities.

Dialogue with the Fed sessions cover a wide range of topics. 

Dialogue with the Fed sessions cover a wide range of topics.

The topics have run the gamut, from the financial crisis of the recent past to virtual currencies of the future. In between, there have been programs on the federal deficit, unemployment, European sovereign debt, fiscal sustainability, family balance sheets, the U.S. payment system and even the St. Louis Fed's centennial. Occasionally, the dialogues are held in Spanish—Diálogo con la Fed.

The St. Louis Fed has long held similar programs for specific audiences—bankers, other business executives, teachers and local government officials, for example—but created the Dialogue With the Fed sessions so that the general public also had access to our experts in an open forum. Many of those who've attended these sessions say they leave with a better understanding of what the Federal Reserve does.

The dialogues are another opportunity for the public to learn about the economy and the Fed. The programs complement the Bank's publications, websites, self-teaching courses and social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). All of the past Dialogue with the Fed events are available on the Bank's website. Visit to view these events or learn about upcoming sessions.

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