Tracy Turner: Publications and Papers

The Mortgage Interest Deduction and its Impact on Homeownership Decisions
with Christian Hilber
Review of Economics and Statistics 96(4), October 2014, 618-637.

Homeownership, Wealth Accumulation and Income Status
with Heather M. Luea
Journal of Housing Economics 18, June 2009, 104-114.

Exits from Homeownership: The Effects of Race, Ethnicity and Income
with Marc T. Smith
Journal of Regional Science 49(1), February 2009, 1-32.

Investment Risk and the Transition into Homeownership
with Daigyo Seo
Journal of Regional Science 47(2), May 2007, 229-253.

Does Investment Risk Affect the Housing Decisions of Families?
Economic Inquiry 41(4), October 2003, 675-691.

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