Daniel Paul Davis

Vice President and Community Affairs Officer

Daniel Paul Davis serves as vice president and community affairs officer for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. In this role, he directs the St. Louis Fed’s community development initiatives, including Community Partnerships and Investment and the Institute for Economic Equity.

Davis is responsible for leading the St. Louis Fed’s community development teams in their research-based work of examining how people and communities in the Eighth Federal Reserve District interact with the economy and of identifying structural disparities that prevent vulnerable populations from fully participating in and deriving benefits from the economy. He also guides the St. Louis Fed’s efforts to encourage collaboration around improving the ways in which capital is deployed to communities by promoting economic inclusion and racially equitable outcomes and facilitate connections between funders and community-based projects.

He is the co-editor of three books on the topics of rural development, economic mobility and food systems, and he has advised and presented regionally, nationally and internationally on a range of subjects, including microfinance, rural and urban development, neighborhood stabilization and workforce development.

Before joining the St. Louis Fed, Davis worked for the Illinois Governor’s Office and the Illinois Department of Public Health. He holds graduate degrees from the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics and Washington University in St. Louis and undergraduate degrees from Southern Illinois University and Southeastern Illinois College.

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