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Part 3: Louisville's Economy, Charles Gascon

March 26, 2014 | Louisville Ky.

During his presentation, Charles Gascon, a regional economist and senior research coordinator with the St. Louis Fed, provides an overview of the Louisville economy.

Gascon first reviews how the Louisville economy of 2007 differs from today's Louisville economy. For example, Gascon notes that the health care and education sectors in Louisville have added more than 5,000 jobs during the recession and continued to add jobs during the expansion—on net, this sector now has 7,000 more employees compared to 2007. The leisure and hospitality sector, he says, has also added about 5,000 jobs; and jobs in the state and local government sector are also increasing. Other sectors, including construction and manufacturing, which lost jobs during the recession, have not bounced backed in Louisville to the extent they have nationally.

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