Louisville Regional Economic Briefing: A National Overview

March 25, 2014

Kevin Kliesen, business economist and research officer at the St. Louis Fed, provides a broad, national overview and discusses how the national economy can impact the regional economy. In his 30,000-foot view, Kliesen shares that the St. Louis Fed's financial stress index still signals below-average levels of financial stress. He also notes that while inflation is still low and isn't expected to rise above 2 percent for the next year or two, there is some uptick in loan growth. Touching on the broadest measures of economic activity, Kliesen covers key macro indicators for the national economy including real gross domestic product (GDP) growth, inflation, the unemployment rate and interest rates. In conclusion, Kliesen discusses the outlook for 2014-15, from both professional forecasters and from the Federal Open Market Committee. His outlook briefly covers the housing market, jobs growth, and more.

Presentation (PDF)

This popular lecture series addresses key issues and provides the opportunity to ask questions of Fed experts. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the St. Louis Fed or Federal Reserve System.

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