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Research Reports

Innovative Approaches to Investing with Impact in St. Louis  

This report features an overview of impact investing in St. Louis and emerging trends taking place nationally. It also includes case studies of bank partnerships, foundation partnerships and tax credit investor partnerships in St. Louis. 

Black Women Business Startups

Businesses owned by black women have experienced unprecedented growth over the past two decades, and their rise has the potential to significantly impact local economies and support the economic health of both rural and urban communities.

The Present and Future of Bank On Account Data (PDF)

A pilot study shows how Bank On accounts are used and the market for them. The target consumers are people who otherwise have difficulty getting safe and affordable bank services.
Bank On pilot study data file

The Demographics of Wealth

The Demographics of Wealth is a series of essays written by the staff of the center. The essays are based on the staff’s analysis of over a quarter-century’s worth of data collected by the Federal Reserve through its Survey of Consumer Finances.