Tipping Points: Household Debt Research Symposia

Tipping Points Symposia

The Center for Household Financial Stability and the Private Debt Project are pleased to present the papers, slides and executive summary from the 2018 Tipping Points symposium, joining the materials from the first two symposia held in 2016 and 2017. All three sessions were centered on the question of “tipping points” in regard to debt: How and when does household debt move from being wealth-building and productive for households and the economy to being wealth-depleting and destructive for both?

The first symposium, held in June 2016 in New York, focused on the micro or household-level effects of household debt. The second symposium, held in June 2017, again in New York, focused on the macro effects of family debt. And the third, held in October 2018 in Washington, D.C., looked at the evolution, impact and future of debt-financed homeownership. Links to each symposium are included below.

Each event revealed a number of fascinating and often counterintuitive research findings that the Center and the Private Debt Project hope will inform future research, private and non-profit practice, and public policy.

Tipping Points III: Debt-Financed Homeownership — Its Evolution, Impact, and Future

October 2018

Tipping Points II: Mapping and Understanding the Impact of Debt on Economic Growth

June 2017

Tipping Points I: Mapping and Understanding the Impact of Debt on Household Financial Well Being

June 2016

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