The Demographics of Wealth - How Age, Education and Race Separate Thrivers from Strugglers in Today's Economy

The Demographics of Wealth is a series of essays written by the staff of the center in 2015. The essays are based on the staff’s analysis of nearly a quarter-century’s worth of data collected by the Federal Reserve through its Survey of Consumer Finances. The results of the survey provide the most comprehensive picture of American families’ balance sheets and financial behavior over time.

As the title of the series implies, there appear to be connections between wealth and a person’s race (or ethnicity), level of education and age. These three factors are increasingly determining whether someone is among the thrivers, the one-quarter of the population that is accumulating wealth, or among the strugglers, the other three-quarters of the population that is not.

Essay 1 video still

Essay No. 1: Race, Ethnicity and Wealth


Essay 2 video still

Essay No. 2: The Role of Education


Essay 3 video still

Essay No. 3: Age, Birth Year and Wealth

Videos of the Nov. 3, 2015, discussion of the essay series and related topics.

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