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The Federal Reserve System

Uncertainty, instability and confusion—these were the hallmarks of the U.S. economy and banking industry before the establishment of the country's central bank, the Federal Reserve. So, what makes the Federal Reserve System tick? And how does it work to keep our economy stable? These Fed publications and resources provide the answers.

Resource Description

The Federal Reserve System Online

A one-stop shop for various Federal Reserve web sites.

The Federal Reserve System: Purposes & Functions

A comprehensive discussion of the history, structure, purpose and function of the Federal Reserve System.

The Structure of the Federal Reserve System

How the Board of Governors, the 12 Reserve banks and their respective boards of directors work together.

In Plain English

A straightforward and easy-to-understand look at the nation's central bank.


A list of frequently asked questions on the Board of Governors web site.


How the Federal Open Market Committee works.

Federal Reserve Structure and Functions

From the Atlanta Fed, a good source about what the Fed does and why.