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Below is a photo gallery that illustrates James "Jim" Bullard in his various roles as former president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

James Bullard, former St. Louis Fed President and CEO

James Bullard
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James Bullard

James Bullard

Research and Conferences

One of Bullard’s goals when he was St. Louis Fed president was to strengthen the connection between academic research and monetary policy. He regularly attended conferences and engaged with global thought leaders—both academics and policymakers.

Policy Panel Discussion, 2017

A policy panel during a conference hosted by the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, May 2017. The panel included then Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren (far left), Bullard (second from left) and then Chicago Fed President Charles Evans (second from right), and it was moderated by John Cochrane of the Hoover Institution (far right). (Watch video of the panel.)

James Bullard, Kristin Forbes, 2018

Bullard and Kristin Forbes, a professor at MIT’s Sloan School of Management and a former external member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, May 2018. Forbes was the speaker at the St. Louis Fed’s annual Homer Jones Memorial Lecture honoring leadership in economics and policy. (Watch videos of the lecture and audience Q&A.)

James Bullard, Byung-Hwa Kim, 2008

Bullard and Byung-Hwa Kim, then deputy governor, Bank of Korea, May 2008. Bullard participated in a roundtable discussion at the Bank of Korea’s conference “Recognizing and Coping with Macroeconomic Model Uncertainty in Designing Monetary Policy.”

James Bullard, Axel Weber, 2011

Bullard and Axel Weber, then president of the Deutsche Bundesbank and a member of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank, April 2011. Weber was at the St. Louis Fed to deliver its annual Homer Jones Memorial Lecture honoring leadership in economics and policy. (Watch a video of the lecture.)

Public Outreach

Bullard made Fed transparency and dialogue a priority on the international and national stage as well as on Main Street. These outreach efforts included media interviews and regular “zone tours,” which are visits to regions throughout the Eighth District. These visits helped him connect directly to the constituents residing in the district that the St. Louis Fed serves.

James Bullard, Rotary Club of Louisville 2019

Presentation to the Rotary Club of Louisville in Louisville, Ky., November 2019. Bullard spoke about “The FOMC’s Substantial Turn during 2019.” (View the presentation and additional photos from his two-day visit to the region.)

James Bullard, Louisville Zone Tour, 2017

Tour of the Ford assembly plant in Louisville, Ky., November 2017. Bullard (right) is shown with Sadiqa Reynolds, a member of the board of the St. Louis Fed’s Louisville Branch (left); and John Bell, an employee at the plant (middle). (See additional photos from this zone tour.)

James Bullard, Little Rock Zone Tour, 2019

Visit to The Venture Center, a business accelerator in Little Rock, Ark., January 2019. Shown from left to right are Ola Okeshola of fintech startup Gerald; Wayne Miller, the center’s executive director; Bullard; and Robert Hopkins, then senior vice president and regional executive of the St. Louis Fed’s Little Rock Branch. (See additional photos from this zone tour.)

James Bullard, Memphis Zone Tour, 2017

Meeting at Wilson Cafe in Wilson, a small Delta town in Arkansas undergoing a revival, March 2017. Shown in the photo are Bullard (center); Douglas Scarboro, senior vice president and regional executive at the St. Louis Fed’s Memphis Branch (second from right); and civic leaders from eastern Arkansas. (See the full list of names and additional photos from this zone tour.)

James Bullard, Louisville Zone Tour, 2015

Visit to Bourbon Barrel Foods in Louisville, Ky., May 2015. Pictured from left to right are Matt Jamie of Bourbon Barrel Foods, a soy sauce microbrewery; David Heintzman and Alice Houston, then board members of the St. Louis Fed’s Louisville Branch; Bullard; and Nikki Lanier, then senior vice president and regional executive of the Louisville Branch.

Tour at Dot Foods Inc.

Visit to the headquarters of Dot Foods Inc. in Mount Sterling, Ill., September 2017. Bullard and others from the St. Louis Fed toured the warehouse of the nation’s largest food redistributor. (See additional photos from this zone tour.)

James Bullard Radio Interview

Interview with Bloomberg at the St. Louis Fed. Bullard regularly conducted media interviews to share his monetary policy views and to increase the Fed’s transparency with the public.

James Bullard

Recording for the St. Louis Fed’s Timely Topics podcast series. Bullard contributed to the St. Louis Fed’s blogs, publications and podcasts to share his views on monetary policy with the public.

Former CEO Role

In his former role as CEO of the St. Louis Fed, Bullard reported to the Bank’s board of directors and was responsible for establishing the strategic direction of the Bank, achieving short- and long-term objectives, and running efficient operations. In addition to the activities at the St. Louis headquarters, Bullard oversaw the Bank’s branches in Little Rock, Ark.; Louisville, Ky.; and Memphis, Tenn.

James Bullard, Kathy O'Neill Paese

Bullard and Kathy O'Neill Paese, first vice president and chief operating officer at the St. Louis Fed, February 2022. They addressed employees at a town hall meeting, which takes place each year as part of the St. Louis Fed’s ongoing commitment to employee communications.

James Bullard, Memphis Branch Employees

Bullard with employees at the St. Louis Fed’s Memphis Branch, October 2018. In small groups, he met with employees in all business areas across the Bank and its branches to reflect on the Bank’s successes and opportunities ahead. These sessions also provided employees with a chance to ask questions.

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