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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

8 From the Eighth Audio Podcasts

8 From the Eighth is a podcast series from the Community Development department at the St. Louis Fed. Through interviews with experts (consisting of eight questions), listeners learn about current community development challenges—and successes—in the Eighth District, helping them to understand both the problems and the solutions. Podcasts cover a variety of topics, including innovative strategies and emerging trends related to community development.

St. Louis Collaborations Directory

This document is a living directory of significant collaborations in the St. Louis region and is intended as a resource for grantmakers. It was compiled based on surveys of and conversations with members of the grantmaking community, as well as online research.

New Hamilton Project Low-Income Family Papers

The Hamilton Project released two new discussion papers that offer innovative ideas for improving the economic security of low-income families in the U.S., and a series of economic facts about America’s struggling lower-middle class.

Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program—A Promising Initiative for Rental Assistance

This paper reviews previous evaluations of the FSS program conducted by academic researchers, nonprofit organizations, and government entities, and augments the review with information collected directly from FSS program staff.

First Evaluation of NMTC Program

This first formal evaluation of the NMTC program is nation- and program-wide in scope.

Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies Releases Biennial Rental Housing Report

Weak income growth and rising rents have created severe affordability problems for American renters.