New Council To Advise Fed On Community Issues

January 01, 2008

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has created a Community Development Advisory Council composed of executives from 13 organizations throughout the Federal Reserve's Eighth District.

Council members—all experts in community and economic development and financial education—represent nonprofits, financial institutions, universities, government and foundations.

Their mission is to keep the Federal Reserve Bank's president and community affairs staff informed about community development issues in the District and suggest initiatives the Bank might undertake to support local development efforts.

The council members are:

Tim Bolding, executive director, United Housing, Memphis, Tenn.;

Rev. Adrian Brooks, pastor, Memorial Baptist Church and founder, Memorial Community Development Corp., Evansville, Ind.;

Alice Burks, director, Department of Housing and Community Development, Bowling Green, Ky.;

Brian Dabson, president and CEO, Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI), University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.;

David Jackson, senior program officer, Mid-South Delta LISC, Greenville, Miss.;

Leslie Lane, vice president, Arkansas Capital Corp., and senior vice president, Arkansas Economic Acceleration Foundation, Little Rock, Ark.;

Trinita Logue, president and CEO, IFF (formerly Illinois Facilities Fund), Chicago;

Tom Reeves, president, Pulaski Bank, St. Louis;

Ben Steinberg, president, Southern Financial Partners, Helena, Ark.;

Stephanie Streett, executive director, William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation, Little Rock, Ark.;

Emily Trenholm, executive director, Community Development Council of Greater Memphis, Memphis, Tenn.;

Marita Willis, assistant vice president and community consultant, PNC Bank, Louisville, Ky.; and

John Wuest, president and CEO, St. Louis Equity Fund, St. Louis.

CHRISTUS housing

Members of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis' new Community Development Advisory Council are, from left: (front row) Tom Reeves, the Rev. Adrian Brooks, Emily Trenholm, Ben Steinberg, Trinita Logue and David Jackson; (back row) Stephanie Streett, Tim Bolding, Marita Willis, Leslie Lane and Alice Burks. Not pictured: John Wuest and Brian Dabson.

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