Income Tax Credit, Kids' Savings Topics of New Fed Booklets

January 01, 2008

A new publication from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis is available to anyone wanting to learn about an important tax credit. And a booklet about teaching children to manage their money has been translated into Spanish.

You've Earned It! explains the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Millions of low-income Americans are eligible for, but unaware of, this credit and do not apply for it. Qualified taxpayers could receive up to $4,500 with their income tax refund. The new booklet also provides a list of local organizations that an individual can go to for help.

Kids and Money (Los Niños y el Dinero) is now available in English and Spanish. The booklet gives parents ideas for fun family activities that teach children the importance of managing money.

Both booklets are free and may be ordered by calling:

  • 314-444-8761 in St. Louis;
  • 501-324-8296 in Little Rock, Ark.;
  • 502-568-9202 in Louisville, Ky.; and
  • 901-579-4101 in Memphis, Tenn.

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