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Thursday, January 1, 2004

EITC Recipients Face Scrutiny

The Internal Revenue Service has created a new certification requirement for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for the 2004 tax-filing season. The pilot program will initially affect 25,000 applicants. They will be required to show that children they claim for EITC purposes resided with them for more than six months. Cases that have the highest likelihood of error will be identified before they are accepted for processing and before EITC benefits are paid.

Additionally, the IRS will expand its compliance efforts in 2004 to include at least 300,000 taxpayers who claim the credit but failed in the past to report all of their income.

Approximately 19 million taxpayers claimed more than $32 billion in EITCs for tax year 2002. For tax year 1999, a recent study indicated the error rate was between $8.5 billion and $9.9 billion (27 percent to 31.7 percent).

The EITC is a refundable federal tax credit of up to $4,008 for taxpayers who earn less than $28,281 and have one qualifying child or less than $32,121 and have more than one qualifying child. Individuals with no children and an income of less than $10,710 also qualify.

Urban Planning Group Issues Call for Papers

Academics and other researchers are invited to submit papers to the International Urban Planning and Environment Association's sixth biennial symposium, which will also mark the group's 10th anniversary. The event, titled Global Pressures on Local Autonomy: Challenges to Urban Planning for Sustainability and Development, will be Sept. 4-8, 2004, in Louisville, Ky. It is expected to draw experts in economic development, urban planning and other fields from around the world to discuss sustainable urban development.

Conference themes and submission instructions are available at:

The official deadline for abstracts is Jan. 30. Some exceptions may be made.