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Spanning the Region

Thursday, January 1, 1998

Consumer Credit Counseling Services

For individuals or families who need help with solving debt problems or would like to improve their credit history, the Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) is available to provide confidential, professional counseling regardless of race, creed, age, color, sex, social position or financial status.

CCCS provides money-management assistance to individuals and families, assisting them in arranging mutually acceptable debt repayment plans with creditors. CCCS counselors help families plan monthly budgets and suggest methods to improve money management and spending habits. Services include budget counseling, mortgage default and rent delinquency counseling, debt management and consumer education. Counseling is available in person, by phone or by mail.

Consumers may want to contact CCCS for assistance before their credit reports reflect a poor credit history. Consumers should be wary if they have:

  • an increased percentage of income being used to pay off debts;
  • approached or reached credit limits;
  • paid only the minimum on revolving accounts;
  • been chronically late in paying bills;
  • borrowed to pay for items usually paid for in cash;
  • put off medical or dental visits for financial reasons;
  • reached a point where losing a job would cause immediate financial difficulty;
  • been threatened with repossession of car or credit cards or with other legal action; and
  • avoided calculating total debt and are afraid to add it up.