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Spanning the Region

Friday, July 1, 2011

Justine PETERSEN Offers MicroMentor

Justine PETERSEN is a nonprofit organization that focuses on credit building and small business lending. MicroMentor is a free online service that connects small business owners with business mentors. Now, in an effort to directly support local small business owners, Justine PETERSEN is offering MicroMentor, providing help for entrepreneurs facing business challenges like writing a business plan, addressing cash flow problems or expanding specialized skills.

For more information, visit

Arkansas Entrepreneurial Opportunity: Adult Family Homes

Adult Family Homes (AFH), an alternative to nursing homes or assisted living facilities, are residential homes licensed to care for non-related residents, providing a warm, loving home in a clean, safe and positive family environment for senior adults who need daily living assistance—an ideal blend of independence and care.

In Arkansas, alt.Consulting has been working with the Arkansas Department of Human Services to evaluate a new entrepreneurial opportunity around AFHs. They have built a business model and developed a toolkit, including everything from client policies to managing cash flow to determining payroll taxes and everything in between. And they've tested the model by helping to start four AFHs.

For more information, contact alt.Consulting at 901-312-9797.