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July 01, 2010

The Fed recently held a policy dialogue on Restructuring and Retooling for the Future, looking at what the future of community development holds when staff and funding capacities are limited. As your organization considers restructuring or retooling for the future, what practices are you pursuing to maintain sustainability or build capacity?

  • Collaborating with other organizations.
  • Merging with another organization.
  • Reducing the number of services or programs offered to our clients.
  • Reducing expenditures, downsizing, furloughs.
  • Looking for new funding sources.
  • Tightening lending standards.
  • Pursuing innovative, new business models.
  • Using technology and/or social media.

Take the poll. Results are not scientific and are for informational purposes only.

The previous poll focused on workforce development and asked: “What is your community’s biggest workforce challenge?”

60% Loss or lack of a major employer

13% Keeping young people in the area to work in local businesses

12% Lack of skills to fill existing work opportunities

9% Attracting people outside the community to work in local businesses

6% Lack of workforce/affordable housing

Number of Respondents: 89

Bridges is a regular review of regional community and economic development issues. Views expressed are not necessarily those of the St. Louis Fed or Federal Reserve System.

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