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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Informational Podcasts

8 From the Eighth Podcast

8 From the Eighth is a podcast series from the Community Development department at the St. Louis Fed. Through interviews with experts (consisting of eight questions), listeners learn about current community development challenges—and successes—in the Eighth District, helping them to understand both the problems and the solutions. Podcasts cover a variety of topics, including innovative strategies and emerging trends related to community development.

Economic Development Podcasts

Experts from industry and academia provide their thoughts on workforce development, entrepreneurship and employee training in these podcasts.

  • Help for Difficult to Employ Populations: Colocating Jobs and Training Opportunities
    Can business models be designed to support low-income populations by providing jobs, necessary training and other support services? Carla Javits and Jason Trimiew (Roberts Enterprise Development Fund) discuss their proposal for viable businesses that also include a workforce development component.
  • Evolution of the Ecosystem: State Workforce Development Agencies
    State workforce development agencies are crucial in deploying federal funding related to job training and placement. Rich Hobbie (National Association of State Workforce Agencies) and Burt Barnow (George Washington University) explore how these agencies are evolving as funding streams change.
  • Economic Gardening: A Homegrown Approach to Growth
    How effective are economic development strategies that seek to grow local entrepreneurship and small businesses? Todd Johnson (Gallup) and Dell Gines (Kansas City Fed) explore the successes and challenges associated with this approach.

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