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Friday, October 1, 2004

Metropolitan Statistical Areas: New Standards and Their Impact on Selected Federal Programs

The General Accounting Office recently released a report on new standards for federal statistical recognition of metropolitan areas. The standards, announced in 2000, include a new designation: micropolitan statistical areas, which applies to less populated areas. To read the report, go to


This is a suite of desktop productivity applications that recently has been made available to Indiana residents for personal, academic, business or community use. The product list includes familiar applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, address books, notebooks, calendars and a file explorer. What sets SimIndiana apart is that the software is provided by the state of Indiana at no charge. The only requirement is that users sign up with a valid Indiana address. For more information, visit

2004 State of the Nation's Housing

Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies released its report this summer. The center predicts that the housing industry will experience another strong decade, with women, minorities and immigrants playing a larger role in housing markets. The report is available at

Tennessee Economic Development Guide

The guide provides an overview of Tennessee's economic accomplishments each year. This year, the guide includes an update on the state's growing technology fields and automotive industry. It also looks at the state's support for entrepreneurs. To find out more, visit or call Dawn Rutledge Jones at (615) 253-1760.

Dinero Hispano

A new web site presents personal financial education in Spanish. The site was developed by the InCharge Institute of America, a national nonprofit organization. The web address is