Get Checking

October 01, 2004

Get Checking, a program for former or current bank customers who have had problems managing their checking accounts, will be the topic of a Nov. 4 meeting for bankers who work in St. Louis city and county and Jefferson and St. Charles counties. The University of Missouri Outreach & Extension and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis are sponsoring the meeting.

This innovative program teaches consumers how to manage checking accounts and how to reestablish their relationship with a bank by cleaning up their ChexSystems report.

Financial institutions can help bring Get Checking to the St. Louis area by providing funding. They can also work with local educators and Get Checking national partners to promote the program.

Graduates of the program receive a certificate they can use at participating financial institutions to open a new account, reestablish a relationship with the financial institution and restore their credit.

The benefits of the program are two-fold. Graduates understand solid banking basics and have skills to manage their accounts. Financial institutions benefit by enhancing their relationships in the community, creating new partnerships, increasing marketing and community reinvestment initiatives—including receiving service test credit for CRA—and giving their new customers a chance to Get Checking.

For more information about the Nov. 4 meeting at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis or to register, call Jean Morisseau-Kuni at (314) 444-8646.

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