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Spanning the Region

Wednesday, October 1, 1997

Arkansas University Provides Economic Development Link

The Arkansas State Data Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock provides a link to the state's economic development information. This data is contained in the Arkansas Economic Development Information Network. The goals of this network are: to increase developers' awareness of available resources; to publish a directory of those resources; to provide a forum for networking; to arrange partnerships between organizations involved in economic development; and to educate members on strategic decision-making and information management.

The network may be reached by contacting the Arkansas State Data Center, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, (501) 569-8530.

St. Louis Council Turns Investments into Jobs

The East-West Gateway Coordinating Council's St. Louis Regional Jobs Initiative is an eight-year collaboration geared toward two key customer groups: young adult, urban core job-seekers who need family-supporting work and employers from throughout the region who need good workers to grow their businesses and maintain their competitive advantage. The council is implementing innovative new approaches for linking job-seekers with careers in strategically targeted occupations and industries, such as health care, construction and clerical services.

The Jobs Initiative is making use of funds provided through investments and loans from private foundations and financial institutions. Investments will be tied to specific expectations of return, and the Jobs Initiative will measure and evaluate performance.

For more information, contact Blair Forlaw, East-West Gateway Coordinating Council, at (314) 421-4220.

Kentucky Offers Affordable Rent Program

The Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) administers the Nonprofit Enterprises for Affordable Rent program to increase the supply of affordable rental housing available statewide to persons and families of lower and moderate income. This project is for use by nonprofits only. The unit size can be no more than four units per building and no more than seven units in a contiguous area. Assistance is in the form of a loan at a maximum of $171,700 for a four-plex.

For more information, contact KHC at (502) 564-7630.