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Wednesday, October 1, 1997

Community Reinvestment Act

The FFIEC's Internet site now contains additional information on the Community Reinvestment Act. The expanded CRA web site now includes Interagency CRA Interpretive Letters FFIEC (with the identity of the addressees and proprietary information suppressed unless government sponsored), Examination Procedures, the CRA Regulation and Questions and Answers, as well as links to the CRA home pages of each of the agencies.

The new FFIEC CRA web pages are located at or at the FFIEC home page ( under "Regulations, Ratings, Schedules and Documents" under "Community Reinvestment Act" within the section on "Information Services."

If you have any questions, please contact either Cathy Gates (202) 452-2099 or Anna Rotenberg (202) 736-1921 in DCCA at the Board.

Microenterprise Lending

The Practice of Microenterprise in the U.S.: Strategies, Costs, and Effectiveness, published by The Aspen Institute's Self-Employment Learning Project. This report provides a detailed picture of seven microenterprise lending programs and offers an analysis of their progress and challenges that lie ahead for the field of microenterprise programs. To obtain copies, contact The Aspen Institute, P.O. Box 222, Queenstown, Md., 21658, or call (410) 820-5326.