Explore Economics Video Series for Grades 2-5

Explore Economics is a series of short videos that introduce elementary-age children to economic concepts.

To provide students with online questions following each video, register your class through the Econ Lowdown Teacher Portal and begin exploring economics with a fun, new approach.
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Consumers and Producers
This video helps kids understand that people are both consumers and producers.

Goods and Services
This video helps kids understand that people buy and use both goods and services.

How Daniel Got What He Wanted
This video will help students understand that people have to save to get the things they want. Daniel wants a new bike helmet and must earn income and save to reach his goal.

This video helps kids understand what productivity is and how we can increase productivity.

Saving and Savings Goals: View in English | View in Mandarin Chinese
This video helps kids learn about income, spending, saving, and savings goals.

This video helps kids understand that because of scarcity, people must make choices.

The Perfect Breakfast
This video helps students understand why people in different regions, states, and nations trade. It tells the story of a child in Canada who wants orange juice for breakfast and a child in Florida who wants syrup for breakfast.

The Economics of Infrastructure
Learn how infrastructure such as roads, bridges, railroad lines, water mains, sewer pipes, and power lines support the operation of an economy.

The Economics of Transportation
Learn how changes in technology changed the way and speed with which people move goods.

What Makes Something Useful as Money?
Learn about items that have been used as money in the past and explains why something used as money should be relatively scarce, generally acceptable, portable, durable, and divisible.

These videos are designed for teaching grades 2, 3, 4, and 5.


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Education Level: Pre-K-5
Subjects: Economics STEM
Resource Types: Video Series
Languages: English
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