The Perfect Breakfast

“The Perfect Breakfast” is the fourth video in the Explore Economics animated series. It helps students understand why people in different regions, states, and nations trade. The video tells the story of a child in Canada who wants orange juice for breakfast and a child in Florida who wants syrup for breakfast.

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It is hot and sunny when Luke wakes up on Saturday morning. Luke lives in Florida. His family owns an orange grove called Sunshine Citrus. They grow the sweetest, juiciest oranges Luke has ever tasted. As he walks into the kitchen, his mom asks him, “what do you want for breakfast?” Luke has been thinking about the perfect breakfast since he woke up. “Pancakes, syrup and orange juice!” he replies licking his lips. “We can have pancakes and oranges juice, but not syrup.” His mother answers.

It is cold and there is frost on the windows when Jacklyn wakes up on Saturday morning. Jacklyn lives in Canada. Her family owns a farm called Maple Valley Syrup. Their maple trees make the sweetest, stickiest syrup Jacklyn has ever tasted.  As she walks into the kitchen her mom asks her, “what do you want for breakfast?” Jacklyn has been thinking about the perfect breakfast since she woke up. “Pancakes, syrup, and orange juice please!” she replies licking her lips. “We can have pancakes and syrup, but not orange juice.” Her mother answers.

Why not? Jacklyn asks. We don’t have any orange juice her mom says. Can’t we make orange juice? We make Maple Syrup from our maple trees. We tap our trees, collect the sap, and boil it to make syrup. Why can’t we pick oranges and make orange juice? Her mom tells her that it is too cold in Canada for orange trees to grow. They in grow in warmer places like Florida.

Jacklyn is sad that she can’t have orange juice with her breakfast. Then her mom has an idea. “Your Grandfather is going travel to Florida with some maple syrup to sell it at the Farmers Market. He will sell the syrup and bring back some oranges from Florida so we can make juice!” Jacklyn likes this idea very much.

But I really want syrup! Luke tells his mom. We don’t have any his mom says. Can’t we make Syrup like we make orange juice from our orange trees? We pick oranges from our trees, squeeze them, and make juice. Why can’t we make maple syrup? His mom tells him that it is too warm in Florida for Maple trees produce syrup. They in grow in colder places like Canada. Luke’s mom tells him that maybe when he goes to the Farmers Market to sell oranges he could buy some maple syrup. Luke thinks that is a great idea.

It takes a long time to drive from Canada to Florida, but when Grandfather arrives at the Farmers Market, he sets up his tent to sell maple syrup. Grandfather takes some money he has made from selling maple syrup and walks over to buy some oranges from Sunshine Citrus. “I would like to buy some oranges please.” says Grandfather. Luke hands Grandfather the oranges and Grandfather hands Luke money to pay for the oranges. “Thank you!” says Grandfather. “My granddaughter Jacklyn is going to be so happy when I bring her these oranges.” “You are welcome!” says Luke.

Later that day, after Luke has sold most of his oranges, he takes some money he has earned from selling oranges and walks over to the Maple Valley Syrup tent. When he sees Grandfather, he smiles. “I remember you from earlier today. You bought some oranges from me. “I did” says Grandfather. “I would like to buy some syrup from you” says Luke. Luke gives Grandfather money and Grandfather gives Luke some syrup. “Thank you!” says Luke, “I know just what I will do with this syrup.”

At the end of the day, Grandfather had sold all of his syrup. He packed up the oranges he bought from Luke and put them in the back of his truck. Then he started the long drive back to Canada.

Luke had worked all day to sell his oranges. He helped his dad pack up their table and tent, then he put his maple syrup in the basket of his bicycle and rode home as fast as he could.

The next morning Luke was so excited as he ran into the kitchen. He could smell the pancakes his mom was making. As Luke and his mom sat down to eat breakfast, Luke told his mom all about his day at the farmers market. First, I sold some oranges, then with the money that I got from selling the oranges, traded for some maple syrup. I am so happy I traded because now I get to have orange juice and maple syrup with my pancakes, the perfect breakfast. 

Jacklyn had been waiting for her grandfather to come back from Florida. When she saw his truck coming down the road she was so excited she jumped up and down. When Grandfather got to the house, he handed her the oranges and she ran inside to the kitchen. Jacklyn and her mom cut the oranges and squeezed them to make juice. Jacklyn and her mom squeezed and squeezed until the whole pitcher was full of sweet orange juice.

When Jacklyn’s brother Daniel came into the kitchen for breakfast, the pancakes were already on the table. As he sat down, Jacklyn said, “Look! We even have orange juice to go with our pancakes and syrup.” “Wow!” her brother said, “how did we get this orange juice?” Jacklyn told her brother how Grandfather had loaded up the truck with maple syrup from their trees and then traveled all the way to Florida to sell the syrup at the farmers market. Then, he took some of the money from selling syrup and traded for some oranges. He drove all of the way home with oranges. Then, mom and I squeezed the oranges to make juice! “This is the best morning ever!” said Jacklyn, “because I get to have orange juice with my pancakes and syrup”. I agree her brother said, but it was hard to tell what he said because his mouth was full of pancakes.


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