Econ Lowdown Glossary Flash Cards

Glossary Flash Cards

Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary is the first step in learning a new discipline like economics or personal finance. We can help with that! Create and print flash cards, or have your students create and print their own, from more than 300 economics and personal-finance terms. Create flash cards for each new chapter or unit of study. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. To launch the glossary flash cards, go to the "Econ Lowdown Economics and Personal Finance Glossary" and click the "Make Flash Cards" button.

Tips: Select a grade level / audience category from the drop-down, or select ALL. Add glossary terms to the cart by clicking the add icon next to the term. To remove items from the cart, use the remove icon next to the term or click the edit cart icon and check the terms you wish to remove. When finished adding terms, click the print icon to generate a PDF for single- or double-sided flash card printing.

Printing Tips: To print flash card decks using the double-sided printing mode, we recommend the following settings. Please note that your printer options may vary.

  • Set ‘Size Options’ to ‘Fit’
  • Choose ‘Print on both sides of paper’
  • Select ‘Flip on short edge’

We cannot guarantee printer functionality and suggest that you first test double-sided printing using this file, trying other settings if the above recommendations do not print your flash card decks correctly.

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