The Institute for Economic Equity

The Institute for Economic Equity promotes a more equitable economy for households and communities in the Eighth Federal Reserve District and beyond. It works to support an economy that works for all, regardless of race or ethnicity, gender or where they live. Launched in 2021, the Institute builds on the research and activities conducted by its predecessor, the Center for Household Financial Stability at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, which underscored how structural and historical factors—including racism and discrimination—contribute to economic inequities.

The Institute seeks to:

  • Examine how low- to moderate-income (LMI), low wealth or systemically disenfranchised individuals and communities interact with the economy
  • Identify structural and institutional disparities that suppress the ability of historically marginalized communities to participate in and derive benefit from the economy
  • Advance evidence-based ideas and policy analysis to foster a more equitable economy
  • Economic Equity Insights

    These research-based essays offer insight and analysis focused on advancing an economy where all can thrive.

  • The State of Economic Equity

    This blog series examines the challenges facing vulnerable workers and possible ways to improve their economic security and resiliency in an economy reshaped by the pandemic.

  • Conversations on Equity

    St. Louis Fed Conversations on Equity Logo - translucent blue c with Fed eagle logo

    Conversations on Equity is a virtual speaker series featuring national thought leaders who are working to build awareness around obstacles to economic equity. Guests will share their views on a range of integral topics and discuss evidence-based solutions for breaking down these barriers. Register now for our Feb. 21 Conversations on Equity event to hear from two Eighth Federal Reserve District university presidents about challenges facing the higher education system as a pathway for economic equity.

Our Team

Staff from the Institute publish widely, speak frequently at public events, advise policymakers and others, and take part in interviews. (Contact the media team.)


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