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Less than a third of the students who graduate with bachelor’s degrees in economics are women. That percentage of women further dwindles as education levels rise and as careers in economics advance.

In “Women in Economics,” we highlight the careers of women on the narrow end of those statistics: those who have become prominent economists in this global profession.

Episode 1: Mary Daly

“There’s no way that I would have been able to find my way without some help,” says Mary Daly. She shares her story of how she went from high school dropout to research director at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Daly credits a counselor, a professor, and even former Fed chair Janet Yellen for aiding in her success. More about this episode »

Episode 2: Ellen Zentner

“I realized that keeping your head down and working hard was not going to get you that far, because you need to get recognized for that,” says Ellen Zentner, chief economist at Morgan Stanley. This “aha” moment led Zentner to actively manage her career, and the result was advancement and success. Zentner went from the University of Colorado to the state of Texas and finally to Wall Street.
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Episode 3: Claudia Sahm

“Maybe we can do better than we have,” on diversity in economics, says Claudia Sahm, the section chief for consumer and community development at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Despite groups and newsletters dedicated to women, minorities and the LGBT community, Sahm said there is room for improvement in the field. More about this episode »

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