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Continuing Feducation Video Series

The Continuing Feducation Video Series offers animated videos on a variety of economics and personal finance content.

Episode 1: Understanding How a FICO Credit Score is Determined
This video provides a short overview of credit scores—how they are determined and why they are important.

Episode 2: Saving for College
This video follows high school student Martina as she learns what to consider when making decisions about college: investing in human capital, factors to consider when choosing a college, and ways to fund higher education.

Episode 3: The Amazing $2,000 Pizza
Learn the importance of using credit cards responsibly in this video.

Episode 4: Five Tips to Protect Your Online and Financial Security
This video offers five tips for protecting your online and financial security.

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Audience:   High School, Consumers, Middle School, College
Language:   English
Subjects:   Personal Finance, Economics
Resource Types:   Video, Series
Concepts:   Credit