The Amazing $2,000 Pizza

This video from the Continuing Feducation series emphasizes the importance of using credit cards responsibly.

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Below is a full transcript of this video. It has not been edited or reviewed for accuracy or readability.

Male: Great Pizza!

Male Credit Card: Is it worth $2,000?

Male: Huh?

Female: I didn’t say anything.

Male Credit Card: I DID!

Male: Who are you?

Male Credit Card: I’m the credit card you just used to pay for that $2,000 pizza.

Male: What are you talking about? It only cost $9.95!

Male Credit Card: Yeah, IF you paid it off within the grace period… but you only pay the minimum due.

Male Credit Card: AND you’ve almost MAXED OUT your $500 credit limit… Mostly on Pizza and other impulse purchases!

Male Credit Card: So if you just keep paying the minimum, it will take you 267 months to pay me off! And all those little charges will wind up costing you $2,129! *based on an 18.9% APR

Female: Ha! We’d better enjoy this pizza! You’ll be paying for it for 22 years!

Female Credit Card: I wouldn’t talk if I were you.

Male: Who’s that?

Female: Uh, Oh! That’s my credit card!

Female Credit Card: That’s right! And you owe about $3,000 on me!

Female: That’s not so bad, is it?

Female Credit Card: No, except you only make minimum payments too!

Female Credit Card: That means you’ll be paying for that smart watch about two decades after it has gone out of style. By then that $3,000 balance will have cost you $12,774! *based on an 18.9% APR

Male: So you’re saying we shouldn’t use credit?

Male Credit Card: Not at All! Credit cards are a powerful tool when you let them work for you!

Female Credit Card: Credit cards are handy and safe for on-line purchases, and we can be a lifesaver in an emergency. We help you establish the good credit that will help you purchase important things, like a car or home.

Male Credit Card: Use credit within your budget and try to stay away from impulse purchases!

Male: Like food?

Female: And clothes?

Male Credit Card: It’s fine to use us for a special celebration…

Female Credit Card: or to buy a suit for important interviews!

Male Credit Card: But remember to think before you spend and stay within your budget! Here are some simple guidelines for managing your credit.

1. Have credit cards, but manage them responsibly.
2. Pay your bills on time.
3. Keep balances low on credit cards and other “revolving credit.”
4. Pay off debt rather than moving it around to other credit cards.
5. Don’t open a lot of new accounts too rapidly.
6. Check your credit report often.

Male Credit Card: Remember keep your credit working for you…

Female Credit Card: And not the other way around!


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