Annual AP Economics Conference

Both new and seasoned AP Economics instructors are invited to this popular summer event. We’re tailoring it for a hybrid environment and hosting a limited number of educators in-person while others can attend virtually, presenting a program packed with the information you need to be successful! Asynchronous professional development hours will be available.

Registration is through the College Board’s website. This event is free. Space is limited, so reserve your spot soon.

2022 Summer Institute dates:

  • July 12 — Workshops conducted by Martha Rush for new teachers (1-3 years of teaching AP Econ). Includes 6 hours of professional development credit.

  • July 13, 14 and 15 — Main conference for all AP Econ teachers. Includes 18 hours of professional development credit.

The 2021 Summer Institute will feature Federal Reserve economists, AP Economics exam developers and instructors, and staff from the St. Louis Fed and Marginal Revolution University. You’ll learn about micro and macroeconomic topics, along with teaching resources and strategies.

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Watch a short video from the 2018 conference

Past Agendas and Speaker Bios

2019: Agenda | Speaker Bios

2018: Agenda | Speaker Bios

2017: Agenda | Speaker Bios

2016: Agenda | Speaker Bios

2015: Agenda | Speaker Bios | Photos

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