Feducation Video Series

Feducation is a video series designed to provide a brief overview of timely economics and personal finance topics, such as Fed monetary policy tools, credit scores, and more.

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Monetary Policy and Unemployment
This video provides a basic overview of unemployment and how it’s measured. It also provides an understanding of the FOMC’s role in promoting maximum employment and price stability.

Money and Inflation
How are the money supply and inflation related? And what does the Federal Reserve have to do with this relationship? This episode reviews the functions of money, features an interactive auction that demonstrates the relationship between the money supply and inflation, then utilizes a simple equation to show how changes in the money supply affect the economy. The video also describes how the Fed uses monetary policy to achieve its dual mandate of maximum employment and price stability.

Traditional and Non-Traditional Monetary Policy Tools
Please refer to The Fed's New Monetary Policy Tools while we update this Feducation episode.

Understanding an FOMC Statement
This episode dissects an FOMC statement, assessing the changing communication strategy for transparency and clarity and demonstrating an activity that can be used in the classroom.


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