Message from the Louisville Regional Executive

Transcript: A Conversation with Seema Sheth

I’m Seema Sheth, Senior Vice President and Regional Executive of the Louisville Branch of the St. Louis Fed.

One of the main functions of the Federal Reserve System is to gather information from the entirety of our footprint. And Louisville and our zone is an important part of that. So, what we do is we help in that outreach, making sure that the Fed has a connection to our important economy.

One of the strengths of our region is its incredible diversity, so not only in the city of Louisville itself, but in our surrounding cities—Evansville, Indiana; Paducah, Kentucky; Owensboro. One of the things I look forward to doing is getting out in our zone and really highlighting what each area does well and then bringing back that information to the St. Louis Fed so that we can be represented well at a System level.

So, I have a very diverse background when it comes to places that I've worked and things that I've done. And I get to bring that really varied background to this role at the Fed. Not only have I worked in wealth management and financial planning, but I also have a background in store operations and management. I've worked at a documentary film company. I'm really excited to bring that diversity of experience to this role. It allows me to connect with people all across the footprint of our region and our zone. But it also gives me a unique opportunity to really resonate with folks at a personal level.

Not unlike a lot of the country, Louisville is a city with its own unique personality. But we're also a city with a lot of complexity. I look forward to getting out into our community and really figuring out the heartbeat of what makes our city great and bringing that information back to the Fed. But I also think it's important to note that we're not only talking about Louisville. We have areas in Indiana, in Eastern Kentucky and Western Kentucky that are also super vibrant but have had some tough times in recent years. So it's important for us to get out in those communities and bring that information back so that we can highlight all the great work that's being done.

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