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Message from the Regional Executive

In a video interview, Nikki (Jackson) Lanier offers her perspectives on the Federal Reserve’s outreach to the Louisville community, as well as the many economic and cultural factors that distinguish Louisville.


Nikki R. (Jackson) Lanier 
Senior Vice President
Regional Executive
Louisville Branch

Welcome to the Louisville Branch office of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Established in 1917, the Louisville office is focused on using the resources of the St. Louis Fed to help inform analysis and decision-making related to the economies of the markets we serve in southern Indiana and in central and western Kentucky.

I became the Louisville Branch’s regional executive in late 2014 as the Federal Reserve System completed its 100th year of service to the nation. What an incredible time to join the St. Louis Fed! There’s collective energy and effort toward engaging our area in community, economic and philanthropic efforts to advance our region and towards fostering great awareness of what the Federal Reserve is, what we do and why our work matters.

As stated by President James Bullard, “For 100 years now, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has served the people of Main Street America. We advance the greater financial good through a deep commitment to objectivity, accuracy, superior service and thought leadership. Independent and nonpolitical, we challenge prevailing views and drive innovation.” The same spirit of innovation that drove our success for the past 100 years will position us well for the next 100 as we work to become even more connected, resourceful and deliberate in our outreach, dialogue, education and information sharing.

The Louisville Branch plays an important role in assuring our economy remains healthy and stable. By delivering clear and objective economic information to business, banking, community, non-profit and other leaders in the region, we help them make more-informed business and policy decisions. We host and sponsor community development seminars, facilitate partnerships with local and regional nonprofits, and help ensure fair and equal access to credit for low- and moderate-income populations to help foster a more economically informed public. In addition, our economic education staff promotes the teaching and learning of economics and personal finance. By working with advisory boards of local educators, we produce online curriculum and other lesson plans to benefit students in the region. Finally, to assure that "Main Street" is considered and represented in monetary policy deliberations, we conduct research on the region and gather information from bankers, business leaders and others who could help us understand what’s happening at the grassroots level.

In this section, you will find links to resources that provide information about the economy of Louisville and surrounding communities. I hope you find these resources helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you have a need.

Nikki R. Lanier
Senior Vice President
Regional Executive

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