Contact Us

  • Nikki R. Jackson, regional executive: 502-568-9204
  • Lynn Bunn,
    administrative assistant to regional executive: 502-568-9206
  • Office Fax: 502-568-9247
Community Development
  • Lisa J. Locke, senior specialist: 502-568-9292
    (entrepreneurship, asset building, microenterprise development)
  • Faith Weekly, specialist: 502-568-9216
    (neighborhood revitalization, nonprofit capacity building, immigrant banking)
Economic Education
  • Erin Yetter, specialist: 502-568-9257
Main phone numbers
  • 502-568-9200
  • 1-800-626-4507
Mailing and street address
  • National City Tower
  • 101 S. Fifth St., Suite 1920
  • Louisville, KY 40202

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For media inquiries contact:
Suzanne Jenkins
Office: (314) 444-8842
Cell: (314) 440-5357

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