Dr. Alice Kassens: Publications and Papers

Teaching Tools: Student Perception of Economic Videos (PDF)
with Michael Enz
Journal of Economics Teaching, 2022.

Determinants of Intimate Partner Violence in Nepal
edited by Udaya R. Wagle
in Research Handbook on Poverty and Inequality, forthcoming 2022.

Economic Journeys in Alaska
edited by Kim Holder and Joshua Hall
in Off-Campus Study, Study Abroad, and Study Away in Economics, 2021.

Spatial Spillover Effects: Domestic Violence in Nepal
with Yana van der Meulen Rodgers
edited by Amitrajeet Batabyal, Yoshiro Higano and Peter Nijkamp
in Rural-Urban Dichotomies and Spatial Development in Asia, 2021.

Health Insurance
edited by Robert S. Rycroft and Kimberly L. Kinsley
in Inequality in America: Causes and Consequences of the Rich-Poor Divide, 2021.

Theory vs. Practice: Teaching Undergraduate Econometrics
Journal of Economic Education, 2019.

Taking a Path Less Travelled: Mastering ‘Metrics without a Textbook
edited by Joshua Hall and Kerianne Lawson
in Teaching Economics: Perspectives on Innovative Economics Education, 2019.

Health and Distance to Health Care in Papua New Guinea
edited by Peter Nijkamp, Yoshiro Higano, and Amitrajeet Batabyal
in Disease, Human Health, and Regional Economic Growth and Development in Asia, 2019

Intemperate Spirits: Economic Adaptation during Prohibition
Switzerland: Springer Nature. 2019.

Chasing Economic Knowledge: Using an Economics Based Scavenger Hunts to Create Comradery
with Michael Enz
Journal of Economics and Economic Education Review, 2018.

Women’s Asset Ownership and Children’s Nutritional Status: Evidence from Papua New Guinea
with Yana van der Meulen Rodgers
Journal of Social Science and Medicine, 2018.

Gangsters, Scoundrels, and Thieves: Teaching Economics Using Nefarious Historical Characters (PDF)
Journal of Economic and Finance Education, 2016.

Using Twitter to Improve Student Writing (PDF)
Journal of Economic and Finance Education, 2016.

Tweeting your way to improved #writing, #reflection, and #community
Journal of Economic Education, 2014.

Changing Perceptions and Waistlines: A Bayesian and Behavioral Approach
Saarbrucken: VFM Publishing House, 2007.

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