H.2 Reports

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The H.2 reports are released each Monday. You may obtain the exact time by calling (202) 452-3206. The current version can be viewed below.

Current H.2 Report (.pdf)

If you you wish to view the historical archive for the H.2 reports, please visit the Board of Governor's website. This archive lists all reports in PDF format from Oct. 25, 1997 to the present.

The H.2 Release is a weekly report prepared by the Federal Reserve System that identifies:

  • All actions taken during the previous week by the Board of Governors, its staff, and the Federal Reserve banks on applications already in process.
  • All applications received during the previous week by each Reserve Bank in the Federal Reserve System.
  • The end of the public comment period on those applications for which a public comment period is required.
  • Community Reinvestment Act ratings and evaluations for state member banks that were recently made available to the public.


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