2024 Women in Economics Symposium Video Archive

Women in Economics Symposium.

The 2024 Women in Economics Symposium, hosting roughly 2,000 attendees in person and virtually via watch parties around the country, reaffirmed the importance of having more women enter the economics profession. The program’s speakers and other panelists shared information on the current state of diversity in economics, the value of using personal experience to inform research questions and the variety of career paths one can take with an economics degree.

2024 Video Archive

On Gender Diversity in Economics

Oksana Leukhina, economic policy advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, highlights data about how the economics profession has improved its share of women entering the field while identifying that gaps remain. She also emphasizes the various topics one can research with an economic lens.


What Can You Do with an M.A. or B.A. in Economics?

This panel session offers career insights from women with either a bachelor’s or master’s degree in economics and a wide variety of work experience and career paths, from data scientist to government economist.


Introductory Remarks from St. Louis Fed President Alberto G. Musalem

President Musalem welcomes attendees to the event and shares the Bank’s commitment to supporting women in the economics profession.


Federal Reserve Board Governor Adriana Kugler, Keynote Speech: Enriching Data and Analysis in Economics with Real Life Experiences

In this keynote, Federal Reserve Gov. Adriana Kugler shares how her personal experiences informed and improved her research questions and research, underscoring the importance of why we need individuals from different backgrounds to enter the economics profession.


Designing Your Career: Finding Your First Job

In this session moderated by Indiana University career coach TyShawna Herron, early-career panelists detail their experiences finding, interviewing for, and starting their first job after college.

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