A Look at Two Successful Community Development Efforts

Launching a Successful Community Development Initiative: Unit 4 – Project

As we’ve seen throughout this guide, building strong communities and launching new initiatives takes, well, a village. Behind every successful community development project we see today likely stands a vast number of partnerships and layers of investments—both personal and financial—often from a number of community sources. Community organizations, funders, local and regional government, academics, philanthropists and more are working strategically and collaboratively to identify and meet the needs of their communities. What makes community development initiatives successful? Building the right team, including community stakeholders, leaders and collaborators.

Using evaluation and data to develop your funding plan. And remaining flexible and adaptable when your process is challenged.

Want inspiration? Check out the brief case studies that follow, where you’ll learn firsthand about two community development initiatives that are making a difference in their communities. We hope you’ll find each story and short video informative so you, too, will be inspired to come up with the money for your next project.

Community Collaboration Spurs KIPP: St. Louis

Learn more about KIPP: St. Louis, the role of business and community leaders in launching this initiative, and how it defines and measures success, in a brief video.

Memphis Organization Lifts Voices of Community

Watch an interview with Eric Robertson on the work of Community LIFT.

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